Understanding the Fluctuating Prices of Cardamom in Kerala

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Kerala is famous for its spices, and cardamom is one of the most popular ones. But did you know that its price changes often? We’ll explain why.Things like how much people want it and the weather can make the price go up or down. It’s interesting to see why this happens. So, let’s discuss the factors related to cardamom prices and  why it change so much.

Harvesting Seasons

Cardamom harvesting in Kerala occurs twice a year, typically during the months of July to November and December to March. The timing of these harvests can influence the market supply, affecting prices accordingly.

International Demand

Kerala cardamom enjoys significant demand in the international market. Fluctuations in global demand and currency exchange rates can impact local prices, as Kerala responds to international market trends.

Crop Diseases and Pest Infestations

Cardamom crops are susceptible to diseases and pest infestations. So diseases or pests can lead to reduced yields, resulting in a decrease in supply and potentially higher prices.

Quality Grading

Cardamom is graded based on various factors such as size, color, aroma, and moisture content. Higher grades command premium prices in the market compared to lower grades. Quality fluctuations or changes in grading standards can impact price differentials between grades.But in spiceswala we supply quality cardamom at wholesale prices.

Storage and Transportation Costs

The costs associated with storing and transporting cardamom from farms to markets can also affect prices. Factors such as fuel prices, transportation infrastructure, and storage facilities impact the overall cost of bringing cardamom to consumers.

In conclusion, the price of cardamom in Kerala today is influenced by different factors, including market demand, weather conditions, harvesting seasons, international demand, government regulations, and crop health. We offer quality cardamom at the best whole-sale prices considering all these factors and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Spiceswala is your trustable and customer-centric supplier who’s sourcing elaichi directly from Kerala’s spice gardens. If you are not ready to compromise on quality, buy cardamom online from Spiceswala