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Black Coffee Powder (Kappi Podi)

Black coffee also reduces the inflammation level in the body. Black coffee is the powerhouse of antioxidants. Black coffee contains

Black Tea Granules

Black Tea Granules is healthy because the instant teas are made from the ingredients that help the body to maintain

Black Tea Leaf

Drinking at least two cups of black tea daily lowers the risk of death from any cause by almost 13%

Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea is an excellent digestive aid that may help to reduce symptoms of digestive issues including indigestion, heartburn, and upset

Chocolate Tea

It is a strong source of magnesium, which is essential for heart health, and also aids in muscle and nerve function.

Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is a powerful beverage. It’s filled with antioxidants and offers several health benefits, including reduced inflammation and blood sugar

Coffee Powder Chocolate

It’s good for your heart , too. Anti-inflammatory cacao lowers blood pressure , increases HDL (good) cholesterol, and lowers LDL (bad)

Fried Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are packed with powerful antioxidants, the most abundant being chlorogenic acid, a family of health-promoting polyphenols ( 4

Ginger Coffee Powder

Dry ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. During winter and rainy weather, it is known to keep the body warm and prevent

Ginger Tea

Gingerol, a natural component of ginger root, benefits gastrointestinal motility ― the rate at which food exits the stomach and continues along

Green coffee powder

Green coffee has shown to remarkably decrease blood pressure and optimizes heart health. It is known to dilate the blood vessels

Green Tea

Green tea contains various beneficial plant compounds. Drinking it at night may not only improve your sleep but also offer a