Kerala – The land of spices

Gods own country – Kerala is also known as the land of spices. Over the past few centuries, Kerala has secured a favourable position in the global spice market with its variety of spices in terms of both quality & quantity. The climate of Kerala is ideal for the cultivation of a wide variety of rich spices.

The colourful history of spice trade in Kerala dates back to thousands of years in the past. In the ancient times traders from across the globe sailed hundreds of miles to purchase spices from Kerala, which were even then renowned for their matchless quality. The ancient port of Musiris was the hub of spice trade in Kerala in the past. Even today, spices grown in Kerala hold much popularity in the international market because of their variety, rich flavor and aroma.

Spices are used in the production of certain indigenous medicines, preservatives, perfumes and most importantly in everyday cooking. Spices don’t simply add more pungent flavor and fragrance to our daily nourishment – they also help digestion, protect from bacteria and prevent many diseases. Spices are also exquisite merchandise that enjoys great value internationally.

Trade of spices play a significant role in Kerala’s economy due to its large consumption in both domestic as well as global markets and bring in a lot of revenue to the state. It is in fact a matter of pride for Kerala that a tremendous share of the world’s total spice trade is still being contributed by this small state. Some of the most favoured spices of Kerala include Pepper, Cardamom, Vanilla, Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, etc.

Being bestowed with Kerala as its rich spice bowl, no country in the world produces as many varieties of spices as India. Kerala, often called the “Land of Spices” is a magical place that has been gifting the rest of the world; flavor, fragrance and colour for many centuries.