Health Benefits of Ginger Coffee

There is a reason why our ancestors in India lived long, healthy lives. The secret to their health was that they used medicines as part of their everyday food. The ginger coffee is one such beverage and is traditional to southern India. Traditionally known as Sukku Kappi or Chukku Kappi, this herbal decoction is taken hot to cure a number of ailments as well as to soothe the mind and stomach after a long day. It’s also great on a cold wet morning to add a nice warm glow to the insides!

The main ingredient in this traditional drink is dry ginger as is suggested by the name, and is combined with a few other spices and palm jaggery. Ginger has numerous health benefits with the main one being its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This uniquely flavored rhizome is commonly used as a spice or as traditional or alternative medicine since more than 2000 years. This strong pungent tasting spice helps in checking the progress of daily aches and pains as well as reducing exercise-induced muscle soreness. Some studies have even shown it to be effective against the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Another reason for which ginger is well-known is for its providing effective relief for gas problems in the intestines and for speeding up the emptying of the stomach after eating – this is great for people with chronic dyspepsia.

Studies have also shown that ginger powder taken regularly could aid in controlling blood sugar as well as improving heart disease risk factors by virtue of its lowering the bad cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels. Ginger also appears to be effective in controlling the pain of menstrual cramps when taken at the onset of periods.

But ginger is most famous for its prevention of cold, coughs, flu, fevers and related throat irritations….a best friend during cold winter days!

When ginger is combined with other spices like black pepper, cumin and coriander seeds and herbs like holy basil, get ready for the mother of all natural remedies! Cumin seeds are great for digestive health and help in reducing gas, cramps and indigestion; aside from this, they are great at eliminating toxins and congestion. Coriander is well-known for reducing fevers as well as stomach acidity and calming the digestive system. It also helps in improving congestion, joint pains and skin irritations. To counter the spicy taste of this beverage, sweetness is added in the form of palm jagerry, which is useful in the treatment of anemia by virtue of its high iron content. It’s great for growing kids and starting them off on this healthy beverage early, will prevent them from heading towards harmful aerated drinks. It’s easy to prepare this drink at home with coffee being an optional ingredient.

With today’s fast-paced world, there might not be enough time to prepare this drink from scratch, which is why Spicecarts, has introduced the aromatic decaffeinated Ginger Coffee powder made in the traditional way with the perfect combination of ingredients for a great cuppa of health! Do check their website for more information


1.It is an excellent home remedy for indigestion and improves the appetite.

2.Ginger coffee is good for anemia in children’s because it is made of palm jagerry which is rich in iron supplements.

3.Ginger coffee gives you very comfort when your suffering from cold,cough and also helps to relieve from chest congestion.